New fleet of Forklifts

Our new fleet of forklifts have arrived! once again we have decided to update to EP - Lithium forklifts. We have been using a full electric fleet from EP since 2019 and from day one these machines have worked out beautifully for us.

There are many obvious benefits in running a fully electric based fleet, such as

-More affordable operation and running costs
-Environmental benefits
-Far easier to maintain & service
-Enhanced breaking technologies, making it overall easier to drive, manipulate and maneuver.

We truly believe that EP Equipment Europe Lithium forklifts are the future of modern warehousing


At PalletXpress we encourage and support continual professional development, by providing our staff and team members with the skills they need to grow and develop in their roles. We believe that continued development is an investment for both our employees and the future success of our business.

The following are specific industry and related courses attended by PalletXpress staff in recent months:

  • Covid 19 Compliance Course – Nationwide Safety Training
  • Managing Safely – Institution of Occupational Safety & Health
  • NST Chemical Safety Awareness Course - Nationwide Safety Training
  • NST Working at Heights Safety Awareness Course - Nationwide Safety Training
  • First Aid Response - Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council Course
  • NST Fire Warden Course - Nationwide Safety Training
  • IIFA – Customs Training
  • CILT / SKILLNET – Customs Compliance & Trade Facilitation
  • Skillnet – Customs Training
  • IEA - GDP Champion
  • Scrum Master Certified